Rhythm Pounder Set, Senufo Tribe, Cote d'Ivoire

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A tall pair of wood carved female and male Ivory Coast Senufo rhythm pounders.

The rhythm pounder (deble) from the Senufo people of the Ivory Coast was once a crucial prop in both commemorative ancestral rites and in initiations of adolescents to adult society; it was also a benevolent symbol of fertility and a conduit to the departed. These pounders were traditionally used at funeral ceremonies for Poro society members. In some areas, they are actually pounded, at others, they are gathered at the center of the ceremonial grounds. Sold as a set.

Hand-carved, this imposing set  comes with custom metal bases. An outstanding collectors item.

Acquired in 2018 from the estate of Jacques Gansler

Dimensions:  Height female 53 inches, male, 55 inches; Width 6 inches; Depth 8 inches

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