Basa Nge Standing Female Figure, Nigeria

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Carved standing female figure of the Basa Nge people of Nigeria. The Basa Nge are a small ethnic group, belonging ethnologically to the Nupe, and having their homeland on the confluence of the Niger and Benue.

Encrusted brown patina, with remnants of black paint. Long legs with inward pointing bent knees supported by bulky feet. Part of the right foot is missing.  Broad, angular shoulders and free bent arms. Small breasts with scarification on chest above. Oval head with small spherical ears, crested coiffure.

On custom wood base.

Acquired in 2018 from the estate of Jacques Gansler

Dimensions; Height 30 inches, 32 inches with base; Width 9 inches, 10 inches with base; Depth 7.5 inches