About Kizmetz

Kizmetz started as a brick and mortar store in Middleburg, Virginia. Due to the the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulty traveling to select new items, we closed the store at the end of 2020. This site is an attempt to recreate some of what we had in the store. As our collection is unique and extensive, we will be adding new items regularly. If you do not see what you are looking for just ask--we may have it in the warehouse.

Why Kizmetz? Kismet is Turkish for destiny or fate, like when you encounter something by chance that seems like it was just meant to be. Hopefully, that’s something in our store… As for the spelling, Kismet was already taken so we just added a couple of Zs.

Kizmetz features works from artisans in the U.S., and some of our favorite foreign destinations. Each piece is hand selected and most are purchased directly from the artisan or from Fair Trade cooperatives. Enjoy browsing through the collection!